By Yippee Malta  |   April 23, 2018

Exploring Gozo via Tuk-Tuk is a unique experience. Appealing to different ages, it is one of the best ways to discover the island of Gozo. And here’s why:


  1. Aboard our Tuk-Tuks you will enjoy an outstanding experience and exclusive service. Our Tuks are brand new and hence there is no doubt that you will have a more comfortable ride!
  2. From within a Tuk-Tuk, you will enjoy breathtaking views, perfect for those who are delighted by sightseeing and panoramic adventures. We’ll cruise at a speed that will let you capture and take in the landscape through which we’ll drive and we’ll also stop at special places.
  3. Typical seating inside a Tuk-Tuk is more convenient. Forward-facing seating can take up to 6 persons, making it easier to become at one with the surroundings.
  4. Plus there is no hassle associated with steering or paddling – your hands are completely free to handle your picture-taking gadgets!
  5. Our Tuk-Tuks are perfect for families and people of all ages!
  6. Tuk-Tuks can drive along the backstreet routes and access pedestrian areas that no other vehicle can reach.
  7. We know Gozo enjoys sunshine most days of the year, but just in case we have the occasional rain showers, our Tuk-Tuks are equipped with covers.
  8. There’s free Wi-Fi aboard the Tuk-Tuks.
    Gozo and Tuk-Tuks seem to have been made for each other. Gozo’s smaller roads and country lane are a perfect match for the Tuk-Tuk.
    If you’re visiting Gozo, make sure you book a Tuk-Tuk tour.