“Let’s take a Tuk-Tuk” – the perfect family tour!

By Yippee Malta  |   May 11, 2018

Travelling with kids is fun but it needs some careful planning. Gozo is a perfect family holiday destination and there are various activities that you can indulge in with your younger family members. 

We suggest that a Tuk-Tuk island tour should be the one the top things to do!   

You can book a Tuk-Tuk for your whole family, maybe including the grandparents if they’re are on holiday with you. And you can tour the island as a family!

Seeing that Tuk-Tuks take up to 6 passengers it is the ideal way for  family to explore the island in a more intimate yet exciting manner. Views from inside a Tuk-Tuk are perfect even for the little ones who will not need any booster seats to be at level with windows. There’s no whining that the little chap is not getting the full view.

Even boarding and alighting from the Tuk-Tuk is easier for the kids as there are no high steps to be factored. Naturally once inside everyone needs to belt up for safety’s sake.

Another advantage of using the Tuk-Tuk is that in summer you will avoid some of the heat.  We know that parents are usually concerned about exhaustion of little ones but when travelling with a Tuk-Tuk you have enjoy the shade that his provided by the Tuk-Tuk’s canopy. This is an important factor to consider on an island where summer temperatures can be quite high accompanied by an intensive UV.

And it rains?  Do not worry if it rains, as all our Tuk-Tuks are equipped with rain covers just in case of the occasional winter shower! On board our Tuk-Tuks, you will enjoy visiting a variety of places like the Xewkija Rotunda and Square, Dwejra, Xlendi and Ġganija. At Yippee we provide standard Gozo tours, but you can also ask about customised tours. We can chart out your own tour following the places you want to visit.

Contact us today and we’ll help you plan out a full stress-free fun-filled day!