Resolutions – How Yippee can help you tick off yours…

By Yippee Malta  |   January 11, 2019
image of 2019
2019 resolutions

Happy New Year from everyone at Yippee! We can’t believe that it is nearly two weeks into 2019 already! This year is flying by already. And with so many new things planned for this year, we are very excited. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal some of our bigger plans just yet, we know that some of our New Years resolutions are going to put a smile on your face, and will give you even more reasons to book a tour with Yippee.

But what about your resolutions? What have you decided to do this year?

Whatever you have decided to do, Yippee can help you tick a few boxes. Would you like to:

1. Visit a new place?

Never visited Gozo,or even Malta? Time to dream about those summer holidays in the Mediterranean! With 300 days of sunshine, a rich history and someserious scenery, Yippee can show you the best Gozo has to offer.

2. Do something you’ve never done before?

Why not try an entirely new mode of transport. Tuk Tuks really are a unique experience, that can reach places on Gozo that no other vehicle can, and as you don’t have to drive, you are free to enjoy your surroundings.

3. Dust off that camera and take some amazing photos?

Gozo can be very photogenic, and we stop at the very best places. From the towering Church domes to the dazzling blue water and dizzying cliffs. Or even take some selfies whilst on-board our Tuk Tuks, and with our free complimentary Wi-Fi, you can upload your pictures to Instagram and make your friends and family jealous in #realtime, make sure to tag us at @yippeemalta.

4. Tick off some bucket list items?

The Blue Lagoon on Comino is often listed as one of the top things to do in Malta, but just around the corner is the exclusive Santa Maria Bay.  It has the same gorgeous blue water but with fewer crowds. Our All Inclusive Full Day Combi Tuk Tuk tour includes a stop and lunch at our own Santa Maria Bay eatery, as well as a stop off at the Blue Lagoon.

Or you can book sunbeds at Santa Marija with us and spend the day on Comino, and visit the Blue Lagoon at your leisure.

Whatever your resolutions this year, enjoy your 2019!