Gozo & Comino

Gozo, the island of joy, is Malta’s sister island yet it is different in an appealing and magical way. The serene pace of life on the island along with its unique character gives Gozo a particular charm. A visit to Malta cannot be complete without spending some time on Gozo to discover its hidden gems.

Arriving at Mġarr Harbour you will see a fishermen’s port that now has evolved to cater as a yachting and sailing marina. Perched high on one side of the island is Fort Chambray overlooking the harbour.

From here you will undoutebdly end up in Victoria in one way or another. The capital city of Gozo is a busy town that has a lot to offer. From the narrow winding streets in the old city quarters that lead to square in front of St. George’s Basilica, the various museums and many churches, you will find it fascinating. And beyond all this is the Citadel, the medieval bastioned city within the city!

The rest of the island is a collection of sleepy villages that sprawl across the Gozitan hills and valleys. Each village comes complete with its own patron saint. In fact, summer activities in Gozo are about feasts of merriment, colour, music and fireworks in honour of these Saints. Beyond the villages, lies the countryside with some very suggestive scenery.

The same landscape is also the backdrop for many different kinds of sports and adventures but may will just delight by visiting these places! From the charming inlets like the cove of Mġarr ix-Xini to the Tas-Sanap cliffs, all the way to the various sandy beaches like Ramla l-Ħamra and the various towers around the coast, Gozo is like a big film set – all is set and ready for action!

And as you tour the island there are places that you cannot miss like Ġgantija, the world’s oldest free-standing temples.

Meanwhile, the smaller island of Comino has its own reputation. Pictures of the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon waters have hailed the island as the Mediterranean’s paradise, but beyond that, Comino offers so much more. Santa Maria Bay is a great beach where one can enjoy a tranquil day at the sea-side without having to share the space with the crowds. A haven for those who seek to be at one with nature during the winter months, Comino is a water-sports, snorkeling and diving haven during the summer season.

Whether you’re touring via Tuk-Tuks or you’re cruising around in a boat, we’re pretty sure that you’ll fall in love with the islands…

Gozo's gems

Lunzjata Valley
Capture the medieval feeling of an island that has to defend itself from the enemy that raids its people and villages. Perched on the hill, the medieval fortress city is a fantastic place to explore both during the say and at night time.   Apart from the 360 views of the island, the Citadel houses several museums and interesting places like the Old Grain Silos and the magnificent Cathedral.  
Ġgantija Temples
Lunzjata Valley
Go back in time and think about how the Neolethic people who inhabited this island planned and built these temples. The UNESCO world-heritage site is the oldest free-standing temple in the world.  The name itself, Ġgantija,  derives from the Maltese word ġgant meaning giant and in light of the mystery of these temples, it is an apt name. 
Dwejra Inland Sea
Lunzjata Valley
A magnificent lagoon that’s linked to the open sea via a small tunnel in the cliff face, Dwejra Inland Sea is a unique place. The result of a possibly circular depression in the area, the inland sea has a pebbly beach on one side and charming fishermen’s huts along the edge. Perfect place for a quick dip!
Wash House
Lunzjata Valley
Water still gushes out of the old wash house that has served countless generations since it was built in the 16th century. The wash house in Fontana is prominently located on the road to Xlendi and simply next door to Lunzjata valley.